The book

Students at the University of Bath in a workshop about How to Write About Theatre
Students at the University of Bath

Learning lessons from history’s leading critics and taking examples from around the world, author Mark Fisher gives practical advice about how to celebrate, analyse and discuss this most ephemeral of art forms – and how to make your writing come alive as you do so. Drawing on his long years of experience as a national newspaper critic, he writes with candour, wit and insight in How to Write About Theatre.

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  • Foreword by Chris Jones, theatre critic on the Chicago Tribune
  • How to Learn from Critics of the Past 
  • How to Take on Different Critical Styles 
  • How to Write for Your Readers
  • How to Do Your Research 
  • How to Find Your Voice
  • How to Write the First Sentence
  • How to Structure a Review
  • How to Write in the Moment 
  • How to Write Opinions
  • How to Give Star Ratings
  • How to Write About Acting
  • How to Write About Plays
  • How to Write About the Production 
  • How to Write About the Audience
  • How to Write About Context 
  • How to Write About Emotions
  • How to Write About Your Bias 
  • How to Write About Culture, Society and Politics
  • How to Put Everything Together

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